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About Zagreb King Sejong Institute - Korean Culture and Language Learning Center at the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb in cooperation with Chung-Ang University of Korea

King Sejong Institute (Korean: 세종학당; RR: Sejong Hakdang) is the brand name of Korean-language institutes established by the South Korean government around the world since 2007. The institute's name refers to Sejong the Great, the inventor of the Korean alphabet. There are over 230 King Sejong Institutes in 82 countries worldwide. Zagreb King Sejong Institute opened in September 2020 and has been operating successfully until now.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn Korean language and culture. The class includes 4 parts (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and cultural learning (irregular cultural classes and various events). Upon completion of the class, a certificate of completion from King Sejong Institute will be issued, which can be used as proof of Korean language proficiency when applying for a residence visa in Korea.

To complete the course and acquire a King Sejong Institute certificate, students should attend at least 70% of the classes, take the final exam at the end of the semester, and receive over 60 points.

* The final exam will contain 4 parts: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

2024 Winter short course


* Period

Tuesday, 9 January 2024 – Thursday, 29 February 2024

6 hours a week / 45 hours over 8 weeks (There will be a final exam in the last week.)

* Level and class schedule

Level 2 (Sejong Korean 1B) / TUE, THU(utorak i četvrtak) / 15:00-18:00

* Limit : 12 students

* LOCATION FOR THE CLASSES : King Sejong Institute in Zagreb, Adress: BORONGAJSKA CESTA 83J, ZAGREB


If you haven’t completed course of the previous level, please take the level test and send the result to us by email( If you completed the previous level at the other King Sejong Institute, please send us the certificate of completion of the course.

* Course fee: 30 EUR

Please transfer the course fee before you fill in this registration to attach the payment confirmation file.

It is mandatory to submit the confirmation of the course fee.


We will use the newly published Sejong Korean books and will prepare the textbooks for students.

Students can also use the e-book on the KSIF web page.

Textbook e-book link (Register and log in is needed)

Name of the textbook : Sejong Korean (세종한국어) 2022 개정판

Name of the work book: Sejong Korean (세종한국어) 익힘책 2022 개정판


NAZIV : Sveučilište u Zagrebu Fakultet hrvatskih studija

ADRESA, ULICA I BROJ : Borongajska cesta 83d


BROJ RAČUNA (IBAN) : HR83 2340 0091 1110 5807 5


OPIS PLAĆANJA : Ime i prezime polaznika, Tečaj korejske kulture


Please write your information correctly. Be careful not to make a typo, especially your name and email address, because the name and DOB will be printed on your certificate.

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