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This course is for anyone who wants to learn Korean language and culture. The course is for beginners to understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases. The class includes 4 parts(speaking, listening, reading, writing) and cultural learning. Please note that the class will be in English language by a lecturer from Korea. Upon completion of the class, certificate of completion King Sejong Institute will be issued, which can be used as a proof of Korean language proficiency when applying for a residence visa of Korea.

  1. Period

Class: Mon. 3. JanWed. 23. Feb. 2022.

3hours a day / 6 hours a week / 48 hours over 8weeks (Last week is Exam)

Apply: Mon. 20. December – Until full

Payment of class fee: until Sun. 2. Jan

Confirm of register: Sun. 2. Jan by whats app

  1. Class Time



Day of the week



Admission quota


Elementary (Level 1/1A)

Mon, Wed




  1. Method of Class

Language class: ONLINE (Zoom meeting), Culture class, ceremony, event; OFFLINE

    Zoom link

ID: 420 378 5450

password: sejong

  1. Class fee

                     300 HRK per course

Understanding hard times in Croatia and all over the world, the class fee is set at a minimum level to give the opportunity of learning Korean culture and language as much as possible. Also, the normal course fee for face-to-face teaching will be higher than this semester’s fee.

Payment information like below.



After payment, please send the confirmation of payment to email

5. Location of class for Culture class

Dvorana Sobaek(Borongajska cesta 83J) at Borongaj Campus

6. Contact (in English)

7. Instruction

Compulsory instruction – Students have 1.5 hours of compulsory language instruction each day, 2 days a week –Language instruction consists of specific grammar classes and proofreading classes in which one learns and practices grammar, expands their vocabulary, develops communication skills; and classes that are focused on specific language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. And include 2 hours of Korean culture education.

Additional instruction – Culture Class – Attendance is not compulsory. Attending is up to student.

8. Material

Textbook e-book link, Download PDF, sound file link

Level 1: 세종한국어1, 세종한국어회화1 (Sejong Korean1, Sejong Korean conversation1)

8-1) Additional material

Mobile learning app: for practice




Sejong Google Drive: files and pictures

Whats app group: questions, homework, notice

9. Completion criteria

Attendance rate 70% (70/100), Level test 60 score (60/100)

10. Culture Class (Additional class)

Date: To be decided, depending upon COVID-19 situation.(Offline)

Korean Calligraphy, Painting, Traditional Art

Click the link for each group to apply!

Group 1 / (Level 1) :

News list


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