Published: 2018-11-06 at 17:31

Dear students!

We would like to present you the project “TandEM: Towards Empowered Migrant Youth in Southern Europe”, which is being implemented in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the European University Association (EUA) and Comunità Religiosa Islamica Italiana (COREIS). Within this European funded project, we are developing social media campaign which will disseminate messages that value inclusion, equality and positive effects of multiculturalism. Focused on the field of education, it will share positive stories on integration, as well as enable young people to form (their own) narratives on migration, combat prejudice, stereotypes and xenophobia. The accent of the media campaign will be on the cooperation between young third country nationals or foreigners in general and their peers in Croatia, on the ways they help each other and support each other, thus building inclusive society. The main channels of the media campaign are Facebook and the web page of Tandem project.

Within this part of the project we need your help, because this campaign is about young people and what they can do to build multicultural and positive environment for everyone. This is why we are looking for volunteers whose tasks would be:

  • Informing IOM about local events connected to the topics of the project (multiculturalism, integration, inclusion, non-discrimination, etc.)

  • Delivering content (photos, videos, short news etc.) on any kind of collaboration or building bonds between young Croatians and their peers from other countries (eg. workshops, classes, cultural events, joint sport or leisure activities, social actions etc.) which will be shared on Facebook page of Tandem Croatia

  • Potentially organizing events that would promote inclusion and integration (with the support of IOM) - (e.g. round tables on related topics, presentations, music events, workshops, quizzes etc.)

  • Connecting IOM with persons who would like to share their story on integration, access to education, barriers etc., or delivering such stories themselves

  • Sharing other interesting content (eg. interesting statistical data, articles on related topics, artwork with the permission of sharing etc.)

  • Helping with the organization of Global Migration Film Festival which will take place in the end of November beginning of December

  • Disseminating information about the project, its goals, events, possibilities of participation and about the photo/video contest which will take place in the first half of 2019

Are you a foreign student yourself? We are interested in your story! We would like you to share with us your views on Croatian life, educational system, your personal level of integration, possibilities and barriers for a young foreigner in Croatia. Your story and your perceptions will help build more inclusive society and a general awareness of the youth’s needs, especially within the higher education.

If you think that you have the right skills for making this project work and want to broaden your horizons, send us an email at: . Volunteers who will join us in the implementation of the above-mentioned activities will get a certificate confirming their involvement in the TandEM project.

We will organize an inception meeting with all interested students where more detailed information will be given on modes of potential cooperation in this project.

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