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Sanja Čatipović

The SECcie committee is a group of six psychology students from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Besides having a normal student life, we are active members of our Psychology Student Association, the VIP. The VIP consists of voluntary working student committees that organize many different activities: From lecture talks over theme parties to this exchange program.

The intention of the student exchange is to improve the mutual understanding between students from different parts of Europe. On one hand through experiencing foreign student life and on the other hand through enhancing cultural exchange. We are eager to show foreign students the Netherlands with some academic, social and cultural activities and hope to discover something similar in the partner country.

Please note this is only a short exchange of around seven days. It is a self-funded program and has no connection to Erasmus.

However, it will be an unforgettable and fun experience for students from your university and our students. Moreover, this student exchange can be the building blocks of long lasting relationships, not only between the students but also between our Psychology faculties.

Our general idea of the student exchange is to set up a program that lasts up to seven days giving approximately 30 people the opportunity to discover each other’s cities and faculties. We will match each participant with a Dutch partner student, who will be responsible for accommodating that student. In addition, we will provide an organized program with a lot of interesting and fun activities during the whole time in the Netherlands which we will try to keep as cheap as possible.

In exchange, we would like to visit your university for the same period of time and expect that you organize a similar program in that week that we offered you before. 

  • dates to host students in Groningen: 6th – 12th February 2017
  • dates to host students in Zagreb: 17th- 23rd April 2017

(dates are a bit flexible)

We are looking forward to hear back from you!

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