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The Croatian Student Virtual Network provides all resources and assistance to you
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Are you learning or interested in improving your Croatian, English, Spanish or German skills?

The Croatian Student Virtual Network is a virtual community of learners of Croatian, English, German and Spanish who meet online via Skype and support each other’s language learning and cultural development in their target language. We are currently matching Croatian learners from around the world with learners of English, German, and Spanish who are located in Croatia and Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina.

How it works
You are paired with a person who wants to learn your native language and you want to learn theirs. You meet at an agreed time once a week via Skype to improve your language skills with 30 minutes focused on Croatian and 30 minutes focused on the other language.

For learners who are currently enrolled in a language learning program:
Tandem learners either:
follow a set of activities and questions based on their course work, or
have the freedom to lead their own learning with their partner based on their needs.

For people who are not formally studying a language but would love to learn or improve their language skills in the comfort of their own home in a relaxed atmosphere with a tandem learner:
they are provided with vocabulary to learn and guiding questions around topics to help with the tandem sessions. Resources, vocabulary, interesting links, online community forums, documents, online quizzes are all provided via our online Croatian Student Virtual Network online course page which you will be given access to. You can meet other learners on the community forums.









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