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History classes at the Faculty of Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb began during the 1997/1998 academic year. Currently, the Department of History offers classes at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate (doctoral) levels of study. 

History studies at our faculty are organized according to the contemporary scientific and didactic standards. Over the course of the past academic years, our program undeqent a transition in order to adapt its own study program to students who whish to learn more about national history. The fundamental feature of our program is the strong connection with other national historical institutions (museums, Croatian Institute of History, etc.). This fact allows students to start modeling their own research interest in the areas of national history that interest them already during their undergraduate studies. At the graduate level, students are provided with thematic specialization through a large number of non-mandatory courses. 

Although our program emphasizes Croatian history, it also includes the posibilitiy of profiling in various areas of world history: from ancient civilizations and societies to modern and contemporary history. This kind of profiling is open to students due to the wide topics of courses that are adapted to the various interests of students. 

Published: 2023-03-09 at 12:11
Marko Marina

Stjepan Ćosić, Ph.D. professor at the Department of History of the Faculty of Croatian Studies was elected as a new regular member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts on May 19, 2022. 

Our faculty and the Department of History sends cordant congratulations to professor Stjepan Ćosić. 

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Marko Marina
Remembrance Day (city of Vukovar) -...

A public lecture "Memorial Day Vukovar - dedicated to Colonel Danijel Rehak" was helt on November 15 at the Faculty of Croatian Studies. The lecture was attended by students and the members of Lucius Society (Association of the students of history) who had the opportunity to find out about the true importance of the Battle of Vukovar as a turning point in the war. Morever, they had the chance to hear about it from Colonel Danijel Rehak who participated in the defense of Vukovar. 

Danik, as his friends called him, unded up in a Serbian concentration camp. Despite that, he managed to remain positive and he never developed any hatred toward the aggressors. After the war, he became the longtime president of the Croatian Association of Prisoners of the Serbian Concentration Camps and in different ways he advocated that the truth about the Homeland War should never be forgotten. 


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